Tax Planning

Professional Tax Advice, Preparation, & Filing

At Bell and Company we believe that good tax planning requires the professional accountant to go beyond the bottom line on the annual corporate and personal income tax return.

The benefits of reduced taxes will be evaluated against costs to an individual through reduced Federal and Provincial programs, such as The Old Age Pension, Child Tax Benefits, and the impact on future taxes.

At Bell and Company we evaluate each client’s situation and provide imaginative and cost effective solutions. We will develop a plan tailored to your business and personal needs with flexibility to help you adapt to changes to legislation and business and personal circumstances.

Minimize Your Tax Burden

The benefits of tax planning often take time to be realized, so while many Canadians scramble at the last minute to get their taxes filed for the current year, early tax preparation can help you avoid this rush and minimize your tax burden.

At Bell & Company, we believe a visit to your accountant should happen more than once a year so that you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Make Good Decisions: Tax preparation and filing decisions can have a significant impact on your finances; planning ahead can help you make better choices.
  • Maintain Good Records: It can be difficult to remember all of the expenses you have incurred during the year that qualify for tax deductions and credits; maintaining on going records will make it easier to save as much as possible when it comes time to file a return.
  • Avoid Mistakes: Mistakes are much easier to make when you don’t allow adequate planning time – and can result in paying more taxes than you owe.
  • Tax Refunds: The earlier you plan and file your tax return, the earlier you’ll get your tax refund.
  • Avoid Late Payment Penalties: Failure to plan ahead may result in missing the tax filing deadline, incurring late-payment and late-filing penalties, as well as interest penalties.

Call us today to schedule tax planning and preparation or to get help with filing your taxes.

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