Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Protect Your Assets Or Get Help With Settling an Estate

At Bell & Company, we are passionate about providing caring, professional, and reliable advice on all financial planning matters including estate planning, estate settlement and trust tax services.

Many families and business owners are considering decisions about their estates in the Victoria area, and their decisions involve more than just who gets what. Our Certified General Accountant has years of combined experience with trust and estate administration, which has enabled us to develop a trusted process that eases estate preparation. We stay up-to-date on the ever-changing legislation, tax rulings, and other matters of interest that pertain to estate planning, helping you structure an estate plan that:

  • Facilitates the orderly transfer of your assets – personal or business related
  • Minimizes taxes levied on your donation bequests and estate
  • Addresses tax issues connected to a trust
  • Determines rollover of property to beneficiaries or a trust

Easing the Burden on Estate Executors

In the process of executing an estate or trust, you may find that the tax and accounting requirements are beyond your level of comfort or expertise. Having a tax professional, such as a Certified General Accountant, will ensure that the trust or estate is in compliance with tax rules and regulations.

We emphasize open lines of communication with all of our clients. As a client of Bell & Company, you will be working with our team of experienced estate and trust specialists to deal with the complex requirements involved in handling an estate, to receive tax planning advice on tax returns for the deceased, to realize tax advantages that will protect your family assets, and to distribute the estate in a timely manner.

Look no further than Bell & Company when searching for reliable, trustworthy, and professional Certified General Accountant in Victoria, BC. Give us a call so our advisors can guide you through the complex process of getting your financial affairs in order – whether you are planning your estate or have agreed to act as an estate or trust executor for a loved one.

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